Factors affecting the girl child’s academic performance in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) among selected, schools in Tiriki East Division, Hamisi District Western Province Kenya

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Kampala International University, School of Education
The study reveals that participation of the girl child in education is generally low. Girls are more marginalized especially because of the gender roles, inadequate access to resources. Education is not a priority for them; they provide labour in households to subsidize the meagre resources of the family. The research was carried out among selected secondary schools in Tiriki East, Division, Hamisi District, Western Province, Kenya; ten schools were selected. The study adopted a descriptive research design and qualitative design and analysis. This was intended to get the whole concept of the girl-child’s performance in relation to KCSE. The Study sampled ten institutions. The subjects involved were class teachers and girl students. A sample of 90 respondents was used though 60 participated in the study. Questionnaires were administered to two groups that is class teachers and female students. After collecting the questionnaires, the information was analyzed and edited to create consistency and completeness information obtained from the research was presented and analyzed using tables, pie charts and bar graphs.
A research project submitted to the institute of open and distance learning in partial fulfilment for the requirement of the Award of Degree of Bachelor of Education (Arts), of Kampala International University
Girl Child, Academic performance, Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education