Training and the employee performance in nation link telecom. of bakara market branch in Mogadishu-Somalia

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Kampala International University,College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Training refers to a planned effort by an organization to facilitate employees' learning of job related competences. These competencies include knowledge, skills and behaviors that are critical for successful job performance. The research aims to find out the following: To investigate the factors that affect the level of employees' performance; To establish the relationship between the extent of training and employee performance; To determine the training methods used. The study population of the study comprised managers and employees of Nation Link Telecom in Bakara market branch. The target population of this study was selected 43 as study population and 39 was selected from the target population as a sample size. The relationship between training and employee performance in Nation Link Telecom is strong with computed r-value of 0.834 which is higher than critical r-value of 0.079. Training creates positive attitude in the employees to perform better since they feel that the organization recognizes and values their contribution towards achieving organization's goals a11d also are more likely to be satisfied by their job. Employees get high adaptability to the new methods and equipment from the training which makes them more productive which in turn increases the overall performance of the company. When employees are trained they become more flexible, the productivity and quality of work improves, the job satisfactions increases. The researcher recommended with the regard to the training methods, Nation Link Telecom should encourage its employees to improve their skills, knowledge, decision making skills, attitudes and social behavior by using both on the job training and off the job training methods. However, Nation Link Telecom should emphasize off the job training method because the employees may acquire formal knowledge and skills about the job they are supposed to do in the organization.
A research dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Degree of Bachelor of Human Resource Management of Kampala international university
Training, employee, nation link telecom, Mogadishu-Somalia