Ethical practice and the success of national agricultural advisory services (NAADS) project in Mogadishu, Somalia

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Kampala International University. College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study aimed at establishing relationship between Ethical conducts and the success of NAADs Project in Mogadishu Somalia. The objectives of the study were to assess the effect of Ethical conducts on the success of NAADS Projects in Somalia, to asses level of stakeholder involvement in NAADS project in Somalia and to suggest strategies of improving Ethical conducts and the success of NAADs Project in Somalia. The study used a cross section survey which was carried out with the aim of identifying whether ethical practice in success of NAADS project while looking at the Ethical Practice in the projects being undertaken. The study looked at data since the inception of NAADS in 2001 because it helped to elaborate and develop analysis, providing richer detail; and to initiate new lines of thinking through attention to surprises or paradoxes. Target population of 256 NAADS beneficiaries from Somalia comprising of farmers, NAADS coordinators and regions in Somalia. The respondents were both gender and traverse across various age brackets. The study found out 4O% of the respondents strongly agreed that they have been able to bring other people to get involved in the project. 60% of the members of civil society groups interviewed by the researcher or filled the questionnaire agreed that Ethical practice is not only about practice but includes thoughts, language, reasoning, processes and judgment that informs the choices people make in their daily lives that affect their own wellbeing and that of others (Botan, 2002). It was observed in the study that good project ethical practice made a significant improvement in the success of projects. Therefore, it’s concluded in the study that consideration of public interests helps to improve the quality of products and services that the project comes up with and also the income levels of the project beneficiaries. Project Ethical practice was also found to be a major predictor of performance of NAADs projects. Project managers should encourage stakeholders to be concerned about the public interest in each decision they make and stick by project rules and procedures in addition to complying with the laws and professional standards.
A thesis report submitted to the college of higher degrees and Research in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of masters of project Planning and management of Kampala international University
Mogadishu, Somalia, Agricultural advisory services, Agriculture