Effect of teaching methods on students’ performance in secondary schools: a case of secondary schools in Namutumba Town Council Namutumba District.

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Kampala International University ,College of Education
The main concern in education sector is how teaching methods affect students’ performance. This study examined teaching methods on performance of students in secondary schools Namutumba District where Namutumba town council was used as a case of study. The study was guided by three specific objectives: To assess students’ perception of the appropriateness of teaching methods used in teaching in secondary SchooIs, To determine the most effective methods used in teaching students in secondary schools. The study applied descriptive research designed that incorporated qualitative and quantitative approach. The sample of teachers 78, students 129 and inspectors 9 was surveyed using in-depth interview and questionnaire. Qualitative data was analyzed descriptively using SPSS while thematic analysis was used to analyzed qualitative data. The study findings revealed that most effective teaching methods were demonstration followed by question and answers and then brainstorming, teachers should know the value and impact of different teaching methods and regular training/workshop should be conducted on teaching methods. The study recommended that traditional methods like lecture should not be used. The study also suggested other areas for further research as the same study should be carried in other district before generalization is done and similar research also should be conducted in private schools to know the teaching conditions.
A dissertation submitted to the college of education, open and distance e-learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of arts with education, Kampala International University.
Teaching Methods, Students’ Performance