Gender Roles and Women Participation in Leadership of Public Primary Schools in Kirinyaga Central District in Kenya.

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Kampala International University ,College of Education, Department of Open and E-distance Learning
The purpose of the study was to determine the Gender roles and women participation inleadership. The study investigated the factors that seem to hinder women teachers from progressing to positions of leadership in public primary schools, in Kirinyaga Central District in Kenya. To achieve this, four research questions were formulated to guide the study. The first question sought to determine the profile of the respondents. The second question sought to establish gender roles of women. The third question sought to determine the levels of perception of women participation in leadership and the final question sought to establish whether there is a relationship between gender roles and women participation in leadership. The study was carried out in Kirinyaga Central District, which has 36 public primary schools from which 10 schools were sampled and (4) teachers in every school filled the questionnaire. The random sampling method was used to identify the schools.Descriptive correlating research design was adopted, the purpose of the design was to study the relationship that exist between Gender role and women participation in leadership positions as exemplified in public primary schools. The researcher employed self-administered questionnaire. The questionnaire was prepared because all those who took part were literate.The result showed that women were under represented in leadership of public primary schools, Factors like Gender roles and negative women perception of themselves were seen to be the major drawbacksJt was recommended that education policy makers should encourage women to apply for leadership positions. Appointments should be based on affirmative action. Communities should be educated to appreciate and see women role in leadership as good as that of males.
A Thesis Resented to The School of Postgraduate Studies and Research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda In Partial Fulfillment of The Requirement for The Degree Masters in Education Administration and Management.
Gender Roles, Women Participation, Leadership of Public Primary Schools