Drug abuse and students' academic performance. a case study of four selected schools in Ileho division of Kakamega east district.

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Kampala international international: College of Education, open and distance learning
Drug and substance abuse is a fast growing problem causing concern to everybody in the education sector because of its negative impact on school students. It is out of this concern that this research is being conducted to find out the effect of the drug and substance use on secondary students. Research finding will also establish the most prevalent drugs abused in the selected school that will be generalized to form a view of what happens in other schools. Results will be generalized to give a broader perspective of what happens in schools and will provide a baseline data to the school administration in coming up with remedial measures aimed at impeding the progress of this seemingly ever unending problem among the youth. The study will use systematic random and purposive sampling technique. Students from the day school have a wider interaction with outside environment hence learn from it. Boarding school present a unique sample because truant behavior and drug abuse are very common phenomenon yet these girls and boys do not have a lot of interaction with the outsiders. The major concern is how do and where do they get drugs and substances that they use? The study population will comprise 79 students selected from form 1 to form 4 in each school, two teachers will be sampled; a guidance and counseling teacher purposively sampled and any other teacher randomly selected from each school. The researcher will use questionnaires to collect data from students and teachers. A questionnaire will be a suitable data collection instrument because each respondent will complete it himself/herself. It is possible to assure oneself that each respondent answered exactly the same questions and that the results are strictly comparable from one respondent to another. Data will be analyzed using both inferential and descriptive statistics. Data will be summarized in graphs, proportions and frequency tables.
A research report submitted to the institute of open and distance learning in partial fulfillment of the award of bachelor of education with guidance and counseling at Kampala international university
Education, Drug abuse, Students', Academic performance, Kakamega east district