Drug Abuse In Relation To Academic Performance Of Pupils Of Jamhuri Primary School In Thika Municipality In The Suburbs Of Nairobi City Kenya

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Kampala International University, school of special needs education
This study was designed to examine the degree of drug abuse in Primary Schools among Primary Pupils in Thika Municipality — Nairobi Kenya. Much attention was paid to the pupils of Jamhuri Primary school which is situated in the middle of the slum estates. The researcher applied questionnaire method to collect data which worked relatively well considering the response of the respondents. The study applied with qualitative and quantitative method of data collection where different tables were used. The hypothesis was that the general plight of the children was not adequately addressed. And this was due to the following; motivation, poverty, pupils own perception, negative way of socialization and deeply rooted peer influence. Meaning no proper direction. The study revealed that boy pupils are the worst affected. They go as far as working in farms I farm laborers or going stealing so as to meet the demand that drugs have imposed in them. This paper therefore will provide a guide to various researchers and academicians preceding this~ The government and other stakeholders will by no means find this useful. Otherwise the degree under which primary school pupils’ abuse drugs is pathetic. The essence of drug abuse will continue to remain a vibrant issue that captures international attention. The World over the abuse of drugs is manufactured as a result of confusion families from both internal and external forces
A Research Report Presented to the Institute of continuing and Distance Studies Kampala International University in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree Bachelor of Education in Special Needs
Drug Abuse In Relation To Academic Performance Of Pupils, Thika Municipality, Nairobi City Kenya