Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practices towards post exposure prophylaxis among commercial sex workers in Kizinda town, Bushenyi district

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Kampala International University, School of Health Sciences
The study assessed knowledge, attitude and practices towards post exposure prophylaxis among commercial sex workers in Kizinda town Bushenyi district. A descriptive cross sectional study was done where quantitative method of data collection was employed on commercial sex workers who practice commercial sex as a form of living and was carried out among commercial sex workers in Kizinda in which snowball method of sampling was employed. The study found out that, although all the participants had ever heard about PEP, not all of them knew PEP in details for example only 78.6% knew the importance of PEP in prevention of acquiring HIV infection, the rest 21.4% didn’t know the exact use PEP in the body and how it is used. It was also observed that although a comparing higher percentage 90.5% had good attitude on PEP, there was at least 9.5% of CSW who said that PEP is of less importance and didn’t consider it of valued in prevention against HIV infection and lastly there was a higher percentage of CSW who have never used PEP at 23.8% even though many said they had not had a risky sexual intercourse, this leaves a big gap as a risk for HIV infection. In conclusion therefore, although CSW had ever heard about PEP, they lack sufficient information on importance of PEP and how it works and therefore the following are the recommendations done from the study that the government should do more sensitization on the importance of PEP to the people who are at risk of HIV infection, through media, health workers should make sensitization outreaches to communities which have MARPs such that they offer them free HTS and help them realize importance of PEP and free condoms should be distributed to MARPs especially CSWs and in such areas of commercial sex so as to reduce the risk for HIV infection.
A research report submitted to Uganda Nurses and Midwives Examination Board in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Diploma in Nursing Sciences
Knowledge, attitudes and practices on Post exposure prophylaxis, Commercial sex workers, Kizinda Town Bushenyi District