The implication of wetland degradation on the environment in Rukungiri District:

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Kampala International University, College of Engineering and Applied Sciences
The purpose of this study is to understand the phenomenon of wetland degradation on the environment in Rukungiri District Nyaruzinga Parish with some references made to neighbouring parishes. The study was guided by four objectives that is; to find out the causes of wetland degradation, identify the consequences of wetland degradation on the environment, to find out what has been done to minimize the consequences and to recommend and suggest possible solutions on how to control wetland degradation in Nyaruzinga Parish in Rukungiri District. The methods used to collect data were recording, questionnaires, photographs, observation guides and this helped the researcher to get the data from the population and analyzed it. The results revealed by people, the researcher found out that human activities such as agriculture, brick making, settlement or construction, poverty, population increase, sand mining and firewood collection are the main causes of wetland degradation in Nyaruzinga parish- Rukungiri District. The following conclusion were made from the study; wetlands have been reclaimed at a high rate so as to meet the needs and aspirations of people. But this has led to loss and destruction of the biodiversity (plant and animal species), reduction in water table and loss of soil nutrients. It is apparent that wetland degradation in Nyaruzinga parish will continue to grow unless approaches are developed to assure that wetlands are protected, preserved, conserved and sustained for the future generations to enjoy the available natural resources. The research therefore recommends the following as solutions to the problem; Afforestation, Avoiding constructing in swampy areas, sensitization about the dangers of wetland degradation, stopping people from carrying agriculture in wetlands and this should not be only the work of government but to any person and other organizations, focused study, comparative study and research.
A dissertation submitted to the environment department in partial fulfillment for the award of a degree of Bachelor of Science in environmental management of Kampala International University.
wetland degradation, Environment, Rukungiri District, Uganda