Job ranking and employee performance in commercial bank-Kenya

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Kampala International University.College of Economics and Management
The study was set to identify the impact of Job Ranking and employee's performance in the organizations with special attention to cor1lmercial Bank- Kenya, the research findings clearly indicate that it is necessary for an organization to come up with methods of job ranking for jobs. Through the adoption of an analytical research design, the study involved 80 respondents contacted through questionnaire. The findings were that there is a direct relationship between Job Ranking and employee performance. The findings were that there are farfetched benefits of Job Ranking to both the employees and the company or business and the key benefits included that organization get appropriate organization structure hence clear delegation of authority and responsibility, this can also enhance clear reporting levels and structures. It also ensured proper decision making hence leading to accomplishment of the set goals and objectives. The study can provide clear ' strategies for training the employee hence attracting a pool of skilled personnel into the organization provision for basis of employee promotion. The final objective on strategies was that majority of the respondents reported that fairness in job ranking should be exercised in order for Manager to re~lized the need for promoting employees according to their ranks hence motivating them to work. Proper job evaluation system ensures proper ranking of jobs into the required ranks. Employees can also have a proper determination of salaries to be allocated to various individuals in different levels of ranks.
Research dissertation submitted to the College of Applied Economics and Management Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of a bachelor of Human Resource Management of Kampala International University
Job ranking, Employee, Performance, Commercial bank-Kenya