Knowledge and Practices of Community Members Towards First Aid Management of Burns Among Children Under Five Years in Buramba Cell One Bushenyi District.

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Kampala International University, School of Health Sciences
While burns take seconds to occur, injuries incurred result in morbidity and mortality among children under five years. The purpose of the study was to assess knowledge and practices of community members towards first aid management of burns among children under five years in Buramba cell,Bushenyi district. The study adopted a descriptive cross section design using a convenient sampling technique. Out of the 30 respondents in the study, majority were females 25 (83.3%), most respondents 11(36.7%) were above 36 years, 14(46.7%) had never attended school and 22(73.3%) were peasants. Most of the respondents 19(63.3%) had average knowledge towards first aid management of burns. Among the practices done by community members, majority of the respondents 22 (73.3%) would not cool the burn with cold water and among the other used practices mentioned, most of the respondents 26.7% used cooking oil, sugar and salt respectively. Although community members had average knowledge on first aid management, there is still a big gap to sensitize the community on the recommended first aid practices emphasizing the application of only cold water on the burn injuries and discouraging traditional home remedies for managing burns in children under five years.
A Research Report Submitted to Uganda Nurses and Midwives examinations Board In Partial Fulfillment for The Requirement of the award Of the Diploma in Nursing science.
Community Members Towards First Aid, First Aid Management of Burns, Burns Among Children Under Five Years, Bushenyi District