Implication of the law on gender equality in the economic World; a case study of rivers state, Nigeria.

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Kampala international international: School Of Law
This study was to investigate the nature and extent of gender equality on women in Rivers State, Nigeria. Its objectives were to identify and investigate the nature and extent of gender equality in Rivers State in Nigeria; to identify the causes and effects of gender equality in Rivers State; to analyze the legal and policy framework against gender equality; and to establish the findings, recommendations and conclusions on gender equality in Nigeria. Over the last two decades, scholars have investigated the two-way relationship between gender equality on one hand, and economic development and growth on the other. Research findings in this area offers new ways to address the economic stagnation and crisis developing countries have experienced over the last two decades, with particular reference to Nigeria. This paper contributes to that literature, exploring the channels by which gender equality affects, and in important ways, constrains economic development and growth mostly in Nigeria. Using cross-country and panel regressions, this paper investigates to what extent gender equality in education and employment may reduce growth and development. The paper finds a considerable impact of gender equality on economic growth which is robust to changes in specifications and controls for potential endogeneities. The results suggest that gender equality in education has a direct impact on economic growth through lowering the average quality of human capital. In addition, economic growth is indirectly affected through the impact of gender equality on investment and population growth. This research further explores the endogeneity of gender equality to the macroeconomic policy environment.
A research dissertation submitted to the faculty of law in Partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of bachelor of laws of Kampala international university
Gender equality, Law, Economic World, Rivers state, Nigeria.