The impact of motivation on job performance in hotel industry, Tanzania case study of hotel sea cliff Kinondoni district dar-es-salaam

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Kampala international international: College of Economics and Management
This research report is a result of descriptive and evaluative study of the assessment on effective of motivation on job performance, not only to the individual employee but also to the external customer of the entire organization. The study was carried out at Hotel Sea cliff dar-es-salaam Tanzania. During the study, both primary and secondary data collection techniques were used. The primary data collection involved dissemination of questionnaires, interviews and observation, while in secondary data collection; the researcher reviewed various documents as well as reports. The study involved the sample of 40 respondents. The unit of inquiry included, top managers, head of departments and subordinates staffs and some of the external customers. Evaluation of motivation in job performance was based on various aspect which include loans to the employee of the company, transport facilities to the workers bonus for the best performance, medical services, and annual leave payment, and condolence money, promotion to the employees and to employees training. The study found out that motivation at Hotel Sea Cliff is effective to a certain extent, both to the external customer and internal customer (workers). The research study recommends the following to decentralize the power and authority. They must delegate some of the power and authority to their respective heads of department, Hotel Sea Cliff must put emphasis on division of labor as a means to increase effectively and adopt a transformation progressive type of leadership that encourages employees training.
A research report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the a ward of bachelor of tourism and hotel management (hotel option) of Kampala international university
Hotel management and tourism, Motivation, Job performance, Hotel industry, Sea cliff Hotel, Kinondoni district