Procurement management information system and procurement performance in selected non governmental organizations in Kigali, Rwanda

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Kampala International University. College of Economics & Management
The purpose of this study was to describe the contribution of Procurement Management Information system (PMIS) on the performance of Procurement in selected nongovernmental organizations in Kigali, Rwanda and validating theory regarding the topic under investigation. Four research objectives have been formulated to guide the study, namely to establish the profile of the respondents; to determine the extent of Procurement Management Information system usage, to determine the level of the procurement performance, and determine the significant relationship between Procurement Management Information System usage and Procurement performance. The study was based primarily on descriptive and co relational design as well as quantitative methodology. The population was 152 employees for 3 selected organizations. A sample has been taken from each category using Slovene’s formula. The sample of 110 employees was drawn and purposive sampling has been used and questionnaires and observations have been used as research instruments. The data were presented, analyzed and interpreted using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS). The findings indicated that male respondents outnumbered female respondents; the prevailing class age is between 31-40 years, the procurement working experience is between 3 and 4 years. The study found out that level of PMIS usage is in the selected organizations was high. The selected organizations have not a problem of poor performance of procurement which appears in many others organizations which do not use PMIS as per the related studies show. By conclusion, the Pearson’s correlation coefficient indicates that there is a significant and positive relationship between PMIS usage and procurement performance. The null hypothesis was rejected. As recommendation, organizations especially those who spend a huge budget in procurement related transactions should establish a Procurement Management information system in order to measure performance of their procurement function as they play an ever increasingly important role in the supply chain in an economic downturn and be able to delivery on time with best value for money. The researcher suggests investigating further the challenges encountered in the establishment of Information system in Procurement and benefits of having Procurement Management information system.
A Thesis presented to the college of higher degrees and research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Business Administration (Procurement & Supply)
Non governmental organizations, Management information system, Procurement performance, Kigali, Rwanda