Design and implementation of a modular students’ results management system for a senior secondary school: A case study of Old Kampala Senior Secondary School

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School of Computing and Information Technology
At the turn of this century, the government encouraged the use of computers and IT teaching in schools. It was prudent for Old Kampala SSS to embrace this innovation or else it lags behind. It was therefore due to this urgency to keep up with the pace that led to the development of a student results management system at Old Kampala SSS. Traditional methods of recording, compiling and keeping student results were the norm for example the use of papers to record and store exam results in file cabinets, the manual compiling of students results was very slow, prone to errors and very tiresome which lead to late release of student results. With the above background, a study had to carried out, whose main objective was to design and implement a modular student’s results management system that would enable the staff of Old Kampala SSS to record, compile, process and store student results so as to increase efficiency and effectiveness. System requirements were obtained using several techniques like sampling technique which was used to identify sample population from whom data was got. The sample population was then subjected to the data collection tools using Questionnaires. A Use case diagram, Class Diagram, Data Flow Diagram (DFD), and Flow Chart were used to analyze and design the system. The system was implemented using VB used to design the front-end user interfaces (forms), while MS Access was used for the database server.
A research report submitted to the College of Applied Sciences and Technology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a Diploma in Computer Science of Kampala International University
Students Results Management System, Secondary School, Old Kampala Senior Secondary School