Factors Affecting Teacher Turnover In Private Secondary Schools A Case Study Of Mukono District In Uganda

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Kampala International University. College of Education,open distance and e-learning.
The researcher’s concern was on the factors affecting teacher turnover in private secondary schools in Mukono district. The study particularly sought to establish how employer, employee and external related factors affect teacher turnover. The study was prompted by the overwhelming teacher attrition in most private secondary schools in Uganda. Private secondary schools have higher teacher turnover than government schools but ironically, the former constitute the biggest percentage of secondary schools in Uganda.In fact, half of private secondary schools staff leave within the first five years and this obviously has negative consequences on students’ performance. This study therefore investigated the factors responsible for this revolving door also called teacher turnover in private secondary schools in Mukono District. The study was conducted using the descriptive research design where a cross-sectional survey was used because the population to be studied was too big and this study design proved to be less costly and time saving. Simple random sampling was used to select the respondents who were comprised of~ school heads, teachers and students. Data was collected with the use of interview guides, questionnaires and document check lists. It was analyzed by descriptive statistical techniques and presented in the form of tables, frequencies and percentage distributions. The chi square technique was employed to test the research hypotheses. Several findings were made in regard to the study but notable of these were that; loss of group cohesion, poor working conditions, poor pay, poor management or supervision which were categorized under employer related factors significantly affected teacher turnover in private secondary schools in Mukono District. It was also revealed that employee related factors also affected teacher turnover. Many teachers joined the private secondary schools with numerous expectations which were not met and this increased their dissatisfaction causing lack of commitment and the end result was always resignation. Lastly, the study findings also showed that external factors like better pay elsewhere, low status of the teaching profession and competitive conditions elsewhere also brought about teacher turnover. The study concluded that employer, employee and external factors significantly affected teacher turnover in private secondary schools in Mukono district. The study recommended that all stakeholders especially Directors of private secondary schools and headteachers should consider putting in place policies and strategies that will attract and retain teachers to ensure better retention rates for the good of the whole education system in Mukono District and Uganda as a whole. School Directors can therefore pay their teachers well; provide them with economic incentives and any other privileges like medical facilitation. Headteachers should also adopt better management styles like use of a carrot instead of a stick. These can motivate teachers to stay in private secondary schools in Mukono District
A Research Report Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Award of the Bachelor’s Degree In Arts With Education At Kampala International University.
Teacher Turnover, Private Secondary Schools, Mukono District