An investigation on Teachers' Attitudes on the Academic Performance of Learners with Specific Learning Difficulties in Kaloleni District Mainstream Primary Schools.

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning.
This research was on investigation on teachers' attitudes on the academic performance of learners with specific learning difficulties in Kaloleni district mainstream primary schools. The statement of the problem was the growing concern of the teachers' attitudes on the academic performance of learners with specific learning difficulties hence prompting the researcher to carry out the study. To conduct the study, the researcher used questionnaires and interview as his instruments to collect information from respondents. Questionnaire was the main instrument used as a tool for data action in the study because it helped in covering a large area. ,\ sun·e: method or research design targeting all primary schools and teacher~ 01· specific learning J; i'licult) learners in Kaloleni di st ri ct hut represenkJ by 30 teachers i'rorn schoois in Kalolcni. Rabai and Mariakani zones through personal delivery or the questionnaires or the rescarchcrs appointed representatives. Thus the researcher used questionnaire~ li)r data collection. having selected respondents through random picking using a lottery system whi ch did not favor any respondent. six schools were therefore , selected, two or which from each di vision making the total number or schools six Therefore, five questionnaires were sent lo each school making the total number or respondents 30.During the study the data was presented and analyzed using tables with frequency and percentages. Some of the key findings of the study were that most learners were not competent in reading skills, mathematics or composition writing, there was an alarming shortage of teaching and learning reso urces, inadequate teaching personnel and incompetent special needs education knowledge and ski lls. The latter was the main cause of teachers' negative attitude towards learners with specific learning difficulties. This attitude had serious implications on education or learners with specific learning Di l'ficulties. this calkd !'or need to train teachers in special needs education, appropriate teacher establishment in sch<1ols by curriculum developers and provision or more runds to schoo ls to cater lor learning and teaching re sources among others as the major recommendations to help learners with specific learning dificulties in achieving quality education in kaloleni district in coast province in Kenya.
A research report submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of the Degree in Special Need Education of Kampala International University.
Teachers' Attitudes, Specific Learning Difficulties, Academic Performance, Learners, Kaloleni District