Teaching Methods and the Performance of English in an Inclusive Setting: A Case Study of Primary Schools in Municipality Zone Murang'a North District, Kenya

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree in special needs education
Considering the fact that English is one of the cores subjects in the primary school curriculum, one would have expected learners to perform in it but the reverse, dismal performance in the subject seems to be the case. Indeed, there is declining performance in English which largely contributes to overall poor performance in other subjects tested in the curriculum. It is ironical that in the Kenyan system of education, where there is great emphasis on the teaching of English language, which has been necessitated by the fact that globally, English is one of the widely spoken international languages, the pupils who would take charge of global affairs in the future are shying away from the very subject that should adequately prepare and equip them for such roles. The study adopted both qualitative and quantitative research designs. This enhanced the researcher to obtain a better understanding of the effect of teaching methods on the performance of English in an inclusive setting in Municipality zone Murang'a North district. The method chosen allowed a collection of comprehensive and intensive data and provided an in-depth understanding of the topic under study. Information collected was analyzed and edited to create consistency and completeness. Information obtained from the research study was presented and analyzed using tables, pie-charts, narratives and statistical figures.
A Research Report Submitted To The Institute Of Open And Distance Learning In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirement For The Award Of A Bachelor Degree In Special Needs Education Of Kampala International University
Teaching Methods and the Performance of English, Murang'a North District, Kenya.