Employee commitment and organizational performance a case study of Kenya power and lighting company

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Kampala international international: College Humanities and Social Sciences
Employee commitment is only one of the many factors that affect performance, but it certainly is a key factor and constitutes one of the many means available to an organization for improving pe1formance (Salancik 1997). Employee commitment and organization performance therefore go hand in hand as the performance of the organization is greatly determined by the commitment that employees have. Commitment helps in achieving the planned objectives thus leading to high organizational performance. The purpose of the study was to examine the factors that affect employee commitment at Kplc. That is, to specifically access the impact of employee commitment on organization performance. The research has a sampled out population of 40 respondents. The research instruments used in data collection was interviews and questionnaires that constituted both open and closed ended questions. The findings are represented inform of pie charts, frequency tables and graphs. The study revealed that, employee commitment has a counteractive effect of improved productivity, performance, employee morale, efficiency, effectiveness and reduces absenteeism as a dissatisfying factor at the work place. Means through which employee commitment is promoted and addressed is also a concern of this study. The research aims at investigating how team building, organization culture, rewards, participation and involvement affect employee commitment. The study also identified how extrinsic and intrinsic factors affect employee commitment and the findings the study were that, rewards as extrinsic factors to a large extent affect employee commitment. Participation and employee involvement as an intrinsic aspect to a relative extent affect employee commitment. The study showed that team work slightly affects employee commitment. Culture is a hardly known factor that has little or no effect to employee commitment. All the factors mentioned above have a counteractive effect on performance, efficiency and effectiveness in organizations.
A research report submitted to the faculty of school of business management in partial fulfillment for the requirement of award of a degree in bachelor of human resource management at Kampala international university
Human Resource Management, Employee commitment, Organizational performance, Kenya power and lighting company