The effect of taxation on the level of economic activity:

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The study explored the effect of taxation on the level of economic activity in the three areas of Kawempe division that include; Kazo, Bwaise, and Lugoba. Taxation is a very significant factor to consider if the level of economic activity in an area is to increase. This is in such a way that tax rates greatly affect economic activities both positively or negatively depending on the way they are set. In the study a descriptive research design was used and a self –administered questionnaire was adopted and data was collected from 100 respondents. The respondents were categorized into male and female, ownership of businesses, and also the time spent operating the business. The study was analyzed using SPSS and also the findings were obtained using percentages, ANNOVA, and regression analysis. The finding indicated that the level of economic activity is associated with ownership of a business, period spent in business and also the age segments of individuals. Also the study indicated that men share the largest portion in operating business activities compared to women. Also to summarize the study discovered that taxation is not significant enough to explain the effectiveness of economic activities in the selected areas of Kawempe division.
A Research Report Submitted to the College of Economics and Management Sciences, Department of Economics and Statistics in Partial Fulfillment of an Award of a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Economics of Kampala International University
Taxation, Economic activity, Kawempe division