Media's coverage on effects of domestic violence: case study of WBS TV.

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Kampala International University; College of Humanities and Social Science
This study looks at how the media has carried out it, s coverage on the effects of domestic violence; it will emphasis the focus on how WBS TV has carried out different coverage on the effects of domestic violence. A research abstract will help us to understand briefly the meaning of domestic violence as a problem in a summarized format. Domestic violence refers to the over dominancy of someone within the family to other family members while causing physical and psychological tortures. Domestic violence also includes married individuals, ex-married individuals, cohabitants, and other related family members. "Domestic violence" is the definition of the research topic and "media's coverage on effects of domestic violence" is the topic of research. Here the researcher will try to define the physical and psychological effects that arise out of domestic violence. Domestic violence is a global problem which is common in every nation regardless of which nationality, tribe, religion, status among other classifications. Domestic violence is a serious problem though most leaders do not really enforce serious regulations and laws against this problem. A number of serious effects have been noticed which include: divorce, death, spread of HIV and AIDS, lack of respect among family members, and body damages among others. Within this research work, WBS TV is chosen as a main area of concentration and for the benefit of showing the gravity of the problem, a few statistics about other countries will be revealed to expose a more effective awareness on this problem. Domestic violence has got drastic effects as we shall observe within this research work and these effects need an argent attention. Solving the problem of domestic violence can not only be done within one day nor can it be accomplished by a single individual but something that may take a period of time and involving different groups and organization. However the government as the overall controller of the nation needs to recruit more strict laws against this problem for the betterment of the citizens.
A research proposal submitted as a requirement in partial fulfillment for the Award of a Bachelor's Degree of Mass Communication at Kampala International University
Media coverage, Domestic violence, WBS TV.