Factors affecting pupils with specific learning difficulties in the learning of English Language in Lurambi Division Kakamega Central District

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Kampala International University.College of Education
The purpose of this research study was to establish the factors affecting the learning of English language by learners with specific leaning difficulties (SLD) in the three selected schools. There were about nine classes which were involved to represent the fifteen classes in the schools representing regular schools in the division. The researcher targeted two learners from each class. Fortunately all of'them and returned the questionnaire since the researcher was in that school and could easily do the follow up. The researcher also targeted a sample population of ten teachers teaching English language from different classes in that school. They all co-operated and responded very well. During the research. qualitative approach was preferred by the researcher. Questionnaires were used as to the instruments of collecting data. Three type of questionnaire were used. One was meant for the learners another one for the head teacher and the other one was for the subject teachers. From the findings of the research. it was established that learners with specific leaning difficulties face problem in regular schools. They include lack of especially trained teachers in special needs education, negative attitude by the teachers and other learners. lack of adequate learning methods used by the teachers. These learners also have negative attitude towards themselves. The researcher therefore suggests steps that can be undertaken to improve the academic Achievements in English language of the learners with specific leaning difficulties in regular schools.
Research reports presented to the Institute of Open and Distance Learning of Kampala International University in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the degree of the bachelor of Education in Special Needs
Pupils, Learning, Difficulties, English Language