Blended Teaching and Workload Management in Primary Schools Kalagala Subcounty Luwero District Uganda

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Kampala International University, College Of Education, Open Distance And E-Learning
The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness of Blended learning and workload management in Primary schools of Kalagala Sub county, the objectives were to examine the levels of blended learning on work lard management in primary schools of Kalagala sub county, to find out the nature work lord management in primary schools Kalagala sub county and to examine the relationship between Blended learning and work lord management in Primary schools Kalagala sub county The study was guided by Guilickman 2020 model of blended learning in Primary schools. The study adopted an exploratory research design. The target population was 553 respondents in secondary schools; composed of 65 head teachers, 65 deputy head teachers, 65 directors and 310 classroom teachers. The researcher took a sample size of 30% of target population in consideration adequate from researcher duration. Data was collected using questionnaires for teachers and interview schedule for principals. Prior to the actual data collection procedures, a piloting study was also conducted in 10% of the target population to test the reliability and validity of the instruments. The research methodology used was mixed methodology Quantitative data was analyzed using Pearson Correlation Coefficient with the help of SPSS computer programme. Qualitative data was analyzed using descriptive statistics such as frequency, counts and percentages and presented thematically in line with the objectives. The study found out that Blended learning programs in Kalagala sub county primary schools is moderate as also respondents also did not agree that nature of work lord management depends on teachers‟ availability but not distributed equally. It also found out that the teachers are not well vest with computer knowledge which makes online learning difficult in Kalagala Sub county Primary schools. Also found moderate response that very few lessons teachers‟ miss during face to face learning. The study recommended that important for supervisors to make sure that all schools create work lord management programs that will help schools to crate ways for teachers to improve on their individual teacher training blended teaching and learning in Primary schools more especially Kalagala sub county.
A Thesis Submitted to the College Of Education, Open Distance and E-Learning in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of A Degree of Masters of Education in Educational Management and Administration of Kampala International University
Blended Teaching, Workload Management, Primary Schools, Uganda