Challenges Faced By Teachers of Marika Zone, Masasi District, Tanzania in Implementing the Universal Primary Education Policy.

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Kampala International University,College of Education, Open, Distance And E-Learning
This study will be useful to primary school teachers, educational administrators. NGOs and all the stake holders in the field ofeducation in the following ways: It will help to formulate a new policy and regulation to identify the problems facing primary education in the zone and in Masasi district in general. The government and all stakeholders in education field becomes aware of the problems facing primary education in Masasi district and find the solution for it. It helps the teachers. to improve in performance by using good methods of teaching. practicals in sciences subjects and proper use of learning and teaching aids. It helps to reduce the problem of school dropout by introducing high punishment to the parents who does not care for the education oftheir children.
A Dissertation Submitted To The Faculty Of Education In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The award Of A Degree Of Bachelor Of Arts with Education Of Kampala international university.
Universal Primary Education., Education Policy., Teachers