The consumer protection and an examination of the law and in South Sudan case study of Konyokonyo Market

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Kampala International University, School of Law
Chapter one demonstrated the research problem; and this will help to convince the readers that the problems exist and that opportunities of consumer should be adjusted. Chapter two involved the statutory protection of the consumer and why consumer protection is needed. It has discussed the various legislations on consumer protection and the justification for the laws. It will therefore lead to appreciation and understanding the research that has already been done in this area of interest. Chapter three has discussed the changes of consumer protection including: early food labeling, food labeling at common law and food labeling in South Sudan. It has also discussed product liability, negligence and the manufacturer liability for defective goods. Chapter four has involved enforcement of consumer rights in civil and criminal proceeding. It has also address the various redress fora available to the consumers. Lastly chapter five dealt with the findings, conclusion, recommendations and general conclusion.
A research dissertation submitted to the faculty of law in partial fulfilment for the aware) of a bachelor of laws degree of Kampala International University
Consumer protection, Law and practice