Preparation of student teachers for school practice in south western Uganda primary teachers' colleges

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Kampala international international: College of Education, open and distance learning
The study set out to investigate the approaches to preparation of student teachers for school practice in Primary Teachers' colleges, It was guided by the following research questions and hypothesis: • What are the specific approaches tutors use when preparing student teachers for school practice? • What are the challenges do student teachers in Primary Teachers' Colleges face during preparation for school practice? It also tested the following hypothesis: • Tutors do not conduct themselves professionally during preparation ofstudent teachers for school practice. The study targeted 1620 students in year one and two. It covered 33 tutors and 4 principals. The qualitative and quantitative methods of investigation were employed in collecting data. The quantitative approach used the structured questionnaire while the qualitative approach used open ended questionnaire, interviews, observation and focus group discussions. The qualitative data was logically analyzed while the hypothesis was statistically tested whereby the chi-square test was calculated. The findings of the study revealed that: 1. there are no specific approaches and guidelines followed in Primary Teachers' Colleges in order to produce the particular kind of teachers required. Tutors generally use teacher-centered approaches in their day-to-day teaching and only think about preparing students for school practice during the period when students are going to the field for school practice. 2. Primary Teachers' Colleges are generally poorly staffed. A lot of work is done by part-time teachers from neighboring secondary schools that only target academic part of the course. 3. The professional conduct of tutors leaves a lot to be desired. A lot of unprofessional practices are exhibited by some tutors and compromise the quality of teachers produced and brings the profession into disrepute. In light of the findings of the study, it was recommended that: 1. Preparation of students for school practice should be on-going right from the beginning of the course up to the end. Tutors' own practice plays a big role in preparing student teachers for school practice. They should therefore use learner-centred approaches in all their practices so that their trainees can emulate them and each topic taught, teaching implication should be given. 2. Ministry of Education and sports should consider Primary Teachers' Colleges a priority area during recruitment and posting of teachers; bearing in mind that, no country can be better than its education system and no education system can be batter than its teachers. The job of preparing student teachers for school practice can only be effectively done by fulltime
A dissertation submitted to the school of post graduate studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the a ward of master of Education in educational management and administration degree of Kampala international university
Educational management and administration, primary teachers' colleges, South western Uganda, School practice, Preparation, Student teachers