Public Procurement Regulations Authority and Performance of Institutions: A Case Study of Institute Of Social Work and Social Administration

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Kampala International University, bachelor's degree of procurement and supply management
This research studied public procurement regulations authority and performance of institutions, a case study of institute of social work and social administration, the objectives of the study include; To establish the procurement systems that were in place before the public procurement reforms in Uganda; to assess the Government Public Procurement Reforms that was put in place in 1997 in Uganda; to identify the impact of Public Procurement Reforms on services delivery in Uganda and to establish the factors affecting service delivery in institutions. Data was collected using self administered questionnaires. The study used stratified and purposive sampling techniques to draw representative samples and 100 respondents were involved in the study. The study sampled 1 00 respondents, 42 of whom were Local government leaders and employees, 50 procurement professionals and non professionals, and 8 providers. These respondents were drawn from the three divisions and the municipality headquarters. The research established the procurement systems that were in place before the public procurement reforms, it assessed the Government Public Procurement Reforms that were put in place and identified the impact of Public Procurement Reforms on institutions Also the study undertook to examine the roles of different stakeholder in procurement planning and the following were found out; defining procurement requirements, dividing requirements allocated to a single procurement process into separate lots, integration of the diverse decision and activities, ensuring availability of sufficient funds to run the plans, developing of proposals and evaluation of potential service providers, Some factors were found to be affecting service delivery and these included the following corruption, lack of finances, the challenge of getting the right service provider, limited skilled personnel, also ~0Ol’ corn mun ication The findings of this study revealed that there is a positive impact of public procurement reforms on procuring and disposing entities. It was found out that the CTB was the main overseer of the procurement process in Uganda before the reforms; the reforms in place include: formation of the municipal contracts committee, the creation and staffing of a procurement unit among others, though the reforms are still incomplete due to serious capacity bottlenecks.
A Research Report Submitted to the College of Economics And Management in Partial Fulfillment of Requirements for the Award of a Bachelor’s degree in Procurement and Supply Management of Kampala International University
Public Procurement Regulations Authority, Performance of Institutions