Causes of poor performance in computer studies in selected secondary schools in Luuka District

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Kampala International University, School of Education
The study looked at the causes of poor performance in computer studies at secondary school in Luuka district. A case study of selected schools in Nawampiti sub county. The specific objectives that guided the study were ; To evaluate the availability of teaching and learning materials affect performance of learners in computer studies in Luuka district, To find out whether the qualification, methodology and attitude of the teacher affect learners performance in computerstudies in Luuka district, and to evaluate the impacts of the school administration on learnersperformance in computer studies in Luuka district. The selected sampi size was 42 of which 15students were selected per school ,five teacher and one head master . Questionnaires were administered to the respondents for data collection using frequencies and percentage in the tables.Study findings indicated that school have enough computer studies teacher but are not motivatedby the school administration which led to poor performance, the school does not has enoughcomputer lab to cater for computer studies lesson both theoretically and practically . the school has no enough textbook for computer studies to the fact that even the school library has less books , on asking whether the students had enough time for practical 50% of the teacher agreed and 50% disagree on it saying that the computer were not enough so they could not accommodate all students for a specific time given and the learners too said that most of the lesson were taught theoretically but computers there in good working conditions .it was also revealed from the findings that the school do not have enough qualified teacher to teach computer studies , the teacher do not finish the syllabus when teaching and this interrupt performance , parents on the other hand , were said that to be have a negative attitude 50% of the respondents said their parents were not willing to pay any coin towards computer studies lesson because of the motion that universal secondary education is free it was also found that the teacher have negative attitude towards the teaching of computer studies which affect performance. The following are there commendations, the school administrator should set aside funds in their budget and lobby for funds to purchase more computers and computer accessories , Government should train and recruitmore computers studies to teachers for effective teaching of subjects in secondary schools , school administrator should sensitize parents , teachers and stakeholders on the benefits of ICT, ministryof education needs to develop national ICT education policy to guide the teachers of computer insecondary schools.
A research report submitted to the college of education, open and distance, e~learning of Kampala International University in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the award of Bachelors Degree of arts in education