Application of electronic commerce towards improving customer care, a case of Morogoro urban water sewerage authority (MOROWASA) Morogoro region Tanzania.

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Kampala International University, School of Business and Management
The study was to establish the application of £-commerce towards improving customers care was guided by a number of objectives , the first one the application of e-commerce improving customer , ways to improve customer care, and factors that effect customer care .With the world becoming global village , the using of the e-commerce is very important to consumers , this can be applied by using the internet improved .The operational efficiency that the instant delivering and quickly communication was practicing at a great extent , while a provision of information to management and down loading updates soft ware was practicing at some extent .also the founded in cost saving the reduction cost in both administration and clerical personnel was practicing at a little extent , while the reduction cost in postage was at a great ex-tent . The study concluded that there is a great importance in using e-commerce to satisfY customers in MORUW ASA , so the organization should think of formulating the strategies to make best use of e -commerce in satisfYing customers . Based on research findings the study recommends revealed that the operational efficiency and cost savings was at great extent implied strength to the organization, although the improvements should be emphasised on the provision of information to management, downloading updates software, reduction cost in administration, transportation as well as clerical personnel. On addition, the organization should introduce website and customer service tools such as personalize web pages, frequently asked questions, tracking tools, chat room and automated response, help desk and call canter. Also MORUW ASA should increase ICT facilities for effective communications as well as training the employees on the use of those ICT facilities.
A research dissertation submitted in to School of Business and Management in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the Award of Degree of Bachelor of Marketing Management of Kampala International University
electronic commerce, customer care