School Dropout: The Role of Gender Inkira Municipality

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Kampala International University, school of education
This study investigated school dropout and the role of gender In Kira municipality. This ~as after the realization that many girls supposed to be in school crc not attending school The challenge was how gender causes school dropout in Kira municipality even when it was obvious that there were many schools in the area. The study was guided by the toxic specific objective: to find out how gender causes school dropout in Kira municipality, to achieve this objective, the study was guided by the following research question:how does gender cause school dropout in Kira municipality? The study was qualitative and conducted using a case study design and purpose sampling technique. A sample of 50 respondents was selected for the study. The sample included politicians, government and non—governmental organizations (NGOs) officials. students, activists, academics. mothers, teachers, educationists and opinion leaders. The data were collected using interviews and observations [for primary data] and documents analysis [for secondary data]. . Data analysis began with the editing of the data of errors. This was then followed by the qualitative analysis of the data. This involved content analysis, literal description and narration of the emerging issues out of which authentic conclusions were made. The results showed that the cause of school dropout among girls in Kira municipality was a result of a combination of factors that were social. economic. school and cultural. These perspectives constrain girls education especially\ in socially and economically disadvantaged families in Kira municipality. These particular factors produce lower educational outcomes for girls in general. The study concludes by noting that the school dropout of girls as a correlate to gender in Kira municipality will for the years to come persist not until the causes that are deeply rooted in the economic and sociology-psyche of the society in Kira municipality are addressed. Consequently, the education gap between the girl and boy child will persist and widen. The study recommends the need for strengthening of the family values, the screening for adverse childhood experiences [particularly domestic violence exposure] and devoting greater academic and social service resources to supporting the vulnerable girl-child from the causes and effects of school dropout. In addition, further research may seek to exploit more specifically the role of girl-child protection and other girl-child interventions. Those small efforts will add up to produce more friendly homes and hence the nation and advancement of the girl-child education
A Dissertation Submitted In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For Tile Award Of The Degree Of Bachelor Of Arts With Education Of Kampala International University
School Dropout, Role of Gender Inkira Municipality