The Petroleum Industry in Unity State of South Sudan: An Examination of the Legal Regime.

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Kampala International University, School of law.
This dissertation is entitled "The petroleum industry in Unity state, South Sudan". The study was carried out based on three objectives, that is; to examine the current laws relating to the regulation of the petroleum industry in Unity state, south Sudan; to analyze the effectiveness and applicability of the current legal framework for the management of the petroleum industry in Unity state, south Sudan; and to examine the critique and feedback from civil society, NGOs and other stakeholders on the current laws and draft bills in the management of the petroleum industry in Unity state, south Sudan. The study was in form of a case study, to make a survey that can be representative of the entire country. The study sample comprised of 140 respondents, among which were legislators, ministry officials, members of the civil society and local leaders in Unity state, South Sudan, chosen using Purposive sampling method. Questionnaires and interviews were used m collecting data. The collected data was analyzed qualitatively. The findings showed that there was a strong legal regime for governing the petroleum industry in Unity state vested in the South Sudan Transitional constitution - 2011. However, the provisions of the Transitional constitution do not however, fully address all the contingencies in the petroleum industry. Thus the South Sudan Legislative Assembly is pushing for the enactment of the petroleum law to cover all legal aspects in the industry. The researcher concluded that the current legal regime for the management of the petroleum industry in South Sudan is insufficient and requires a speedy process to enact the Petroleum law, whose provisions can adequately cover the industry in the legal sense.
A dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Law in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of a Bachelor of Laws of Kampala International University.
Petroleum Industry, South Sudan, Legal Regime