Teacher Motivation and Academic Performance of Pupils in Universal Primary Education Schools In Central Division, Mityana District Uganda

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Kampala International University, school of education
Teacher motivation has become an important issue given their responsibility to impart knowledge and skills to learners. Consequently, this report is a study carried out in Central division, in Mityana district which aimed at studying their relationship between teacher motivation and academic perfonnance ofpupils in Universal Primary Education (UPE) Schools. Teacher motivation has been seen to be at its lowest In Central division, this stemming from a number of variables ranging from personal variables like age, gender, marital status etc. Situational / organizational variables like salary (pay), supervision, working conditions, company policy, recognition etc. These have greatly contributed to the demonization of teachers and hence a dramatic fall in academic performance of pupils in UPE schools. Wafbla (1991) also suggests that among the factors that demean the teaching profession in AUican countries are poor buildings in which teachers operate. Herman (1999) cited various factors that demotivates workers among which include low salaries, lack of fringe benefits, poor working conditions. In order to improve teacher motivation and perfonnance at worlc, the study recommended increase in the salary of primary teachers to match the increased cost of living, provision of accommodation to teachers, strengthening of supervision as well as instituting awards for good performance, among others Research findings have found out that the major demotivators cited by Herman (1999) are predominantly embraced in most UPE schools in Uganda and hence the need to investigate the case ofCentral division in Mityana District
A Research Report Submitted to the College Of Education, Open, Distance Learning In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of the Award of Bachelors Degree of Arts with Education
Teacher Motivation and Academic Performance of Pupils, Central Division, Mityana District Uganda