Impact of teacher and student interaction towards students achievement and performance in selected secondary schools case study of Wakiso District, Makindye Sabagabo Subcounty

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Kampala International University,College of Education
The goal of this research was to determine the impact of student and teacher interactions in relation to student performance and achievement. It was further intended that the results of this study would add to the body of knowledge and resources available to enhance the learning experience and influence student success. In order for this to happen, student and teacher perceptions of their interactions were analyzed, as well whether or not this interaction significantly impacted performance and achievement. The results of this study provided strong arguments in favor of equipping teachers with the appropriate resources and assistance to appropriately meet the needs of their students beyond academic instruction. The literature review and results of this study found that teacher-student relationships are crucial to student success. Pearson Correlation analyses proved positive correlations between teacher-student interaction and motivation, as well as positive teacher-student interaction and achievement. Suggested uses for the study included the development of workshops for educators and administrators that may have a positive effect on the proven significance of the teacher—student relationship problem. The results suggest the need for teachers to he provided with appropriate resources and assistance to meet the needs of their students beyond academic instruction. It also suggests providing students and teachers with measurable and attainable goals to create experiences with and exposure to success.
A research report submitted to the college of education in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of a bachelors of science degree in education of Kampala International University
Teacher, Student interaction, Secondary school, Wakiso District