Knowledge and Practices of Mothers towards Prevention of Anaemia among Children Under Five Years of Age in Kitagata Hospital, Sheema District.

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Kampala international University school of Health Sciences (Western Campus)
Globally childhood anaemia poses a big health problem to less than five years of age. Anaemia affects nearly 2 billion people worldwide and about 50% of all children less than 5 years old. The prevalence of anaemia in children less than 5 years is 67% in Africa, about, 28% anaemia is found in sub- Saharan Africa. Purpose of the study was to establish knowledge and practices of mothers towards prevention of anaemia among children under five years of age in Kitagata Hospital, Sheema District. The researcher used a quantitative design and the study was carried out in Paediatric ward in Kitagata Hospital. Purposive sampling method was used. Only 45 respondents/mothers/caretakers of children under five years of age diagnosed by clinicians/doctors as having anaemia and admitted on pediatric ward of Kitagata hospital were enrolled. Results revealed that 89% (40) said Yes have ever heard of. out of 40 respondents who have ever heard of anaemia according to the table 4 above show most respondents’ source of information with 42.2% got from health workers, 35.0% others (radio, village members), 12.5% older person at home, 10.0% from friends. Nearly 86% (38) of the respondents reported Yes that their children have ever suffered from disease causing anaemia while 16% (7) No they never suffered. The study revealed many respondents ever heard of anaemia but few never heard of and their sources of information were got from health workers, others (radio, village members), older person at home, and friends. Health education programs to be done.
A Research Report Submitted To Uganda Nurses And Midwives Examinations Board In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of The Diploma In Nursing Sciences .
Kitagata Hospital, Sheema District., Children Under Five Years of Age, Prevention of Anaemia