An Expert System for Procurement Management for Local Governments in Uganda: A Case Study of Jinja District Water Development Department

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Kampala International University, Master of Science in Systems Software Engineering
Jinja District is currently being faced with the problem of manual data manipulation in the Procurement and Disposal Units. This is quite tedious and outdated management information system. The main objective of this research is to transform the current system into an expert system for the procurement management process. The main objective of this system is to automatically determine the best evaluated bidder, generate end of monthly reports such as procurement Reports/Returns and improve on the level of transparency in the Contracts and evaluation Committees, reduce on the level of fraud in the Procurement Process for the Procurement and Disposal Units (PDTJ) of Jinja District Local Government. The system was developed using Core C SHARP which is the one of the latest languages used in application development today. This language has an enriched library and will be backed up by MYSQL SERVER for database development using Microsoft Visual studio 2005. The current system has been slow and with a lot of loopholes in terms of lack of transparency and fraud within the User departments, Contracts and Evaluation Committees and hence a need for an automated system. It was found out that this system could be improved to get better results if implemented with newer technology of Management Information Systems for the procurement process as compared to other countries such as USA. Recommendations are to upgrade to a Web based system which is now the accepted standard of procurement for advanced countries. The main objective of this research is to design and develop an Expert System for Procurement Management and Disposal of Public Assets, Management Information System (MIS) refers to the mechanism for identifying, collecting, storing, analyzing, transferring and disseminating data and information used for reporting and decision making. The MIS can be used for planning and assisting with the day-to..~day implementation of activities as well as policy and strategy formulation and review
A dissertation submitted to the school of Post Graduate Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a degree of Masters of Science in Software Systems Engineering of Kampala International University
An Expert System for Procurement Management for Local Governments in Uganda, Jinja District