The Effects of Socio-Economic Status on the Students Academic Achievements in Selected Secondary Schools in Buwama Division Mpigi, District

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree of education
Generally the researcher set out to collect the data findings on "The effects of socio-economic status on the student's academic achievements in selected secondary schools in Buwama division Mpigi district Uganda." Objectively the study aimed at finding out the effects of socio-economic status on the student's academic achievements in selected secondary schools in Buwama division in Mpigi district Uganda. This has been done with the help of quantitative and qualitative research methods. The following were highlighted as being the main effects of socio- economic status that affects academic performance of students in secondary schools. Poor health that leads physical inability to work, Poor planning, poor administration and Mobilization, High dependency ratios, Low rate of savings High poverty and increasing, unemployment, Unfair trade terms or lack of market for agric products, Uneconomic achievements and income inequality, Home-family environment, Value and attitude towards achievements, Uneconomic achievements and income inequality These effects have much more resulted from causes because there cannot exist the effects without their causes. We must therefore note that the effects of socio-economic status are more of negative effects as opposed to positive ones. The following are possible solutions towards these effects of social economic status. The government, should provide capital inform of loans after proper sensitization. Borrowed loans should be used to generate the income and at the same time to eradicate socio economic effects among the people living in Buwama subdivision in Mpigi district, Uganda We can now successfully conclude that the effects of social economic status on the student's academic achievements are several but the researcher decided specifically to deal on those major effects resulted from the causes. But the question to be continuously researched on in future is that of availing enough resourceful information concerning this aspect so as to avoid the scarcity of resources to finance education, another one is how to continue addressing the challenges of those victims who once were affected with effects of socio-economic status. The challenge at the moment is how to help those students from low income homes. Another one is how might the teacher help a school_ of a kind to improve on the academic performance, lastly is how to ensure that the students become more positive about their chances for succeeding in school and later in life? Generally these effects have not only affected the mentioned students in the sampled secondary schools above but also other secondary schools in other parts of the country Uganda.
A Dissertation Submitted to the Institute of Open and Distance Learning in Partial Fulfillment for Award of Bachelor’s Degree of Education of Kampala International University
Socio-Economic Status, Students Academic Achievements, Buwama Division Mpigi, District