The Relationship Between the Teaching of English and Academic Performance in the Uganda Certificate of Education Examinations in Kaproron Sub -County, Kween District.

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Kampala International University, School of Education, Open and Distance and E-learning
The researcher set out to establish the relationship between the teaching of English and the academic performance in the Uganda Certificate of Education in Kaproron sub —county in Kween District. The study involved data selection which was collected from different categories of people who included the head teachers, heads of departments, students and teachers of English. The researcher used both qualitative and quantitative methods in obtaining and analyzing data. Three research questions guided the study. The questions wanted to find out whether motivation. teaching methods and administrative policies affect the teaching/learning of English and hence its performance in the Uganda Certificate of Education. In conclusion, the researcher established that motivation, use of teaching/learning aids and participation of teachers in the budgeting process were the cause of the poor performance in English in the Uganda Certificate of Education.
A research Report Presented in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirement for the Award of the Degree of Bachelors of Arts in Education of Kampala International University.
Academic Performance, English, Uganda Certificate of Education Examinations, Relationship