Effect of stress on academic performance of students:

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The study was about the effect of stress on academic performance of students a case study of Kampala international university Uganda and it was guided by the following specific objectives; to determine the effect of stress on the academic performance of Kampala international University students, to evaluate the relationship between stress and academic performance among university students in Uganda. The study employed descriptive correlation research design. It involved establishing the relationship between the independent variable and the dependent variable. Findings revealed that among the respondent interviewed the males dominated with a percentage rate of 61.76%, while the females had the least response rate of 38.23%. Findings revealed that the majority of the respondents from different departments of Kampala International University (KIU) were in the age range of 25-35 years and these were estimated to a percentage of 75%. The study also revealed that 19.85% were between the ages 36-46 years. However, 3.67% of respondents in the university are between 18-24 years and only 1.47% of the respondents were in age range of above 47. The study revealed a weak negative correlation of 0.0 12 thus a negative linear relationship and from the regression analysis it is evident that an increase in stress leads to a decrease in academic performance Researcher recommends the university to come up with possible programs to reduce the level of stress among students such as giving insensitive and Since stress has an effect on academic performance, then the researcher recommends that there should be student’s counselling program, to even basic job skills. Training, have a certain cost to the institutions that can easily be considered a benefit to students. Such awareness on the part of the students can also lead to greater academic performance as well as enhanced improved stress free environment.
A Research Report Submitted to the College of Economics and Management in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Bachelor Degree of Economics and Applied Statistics of Kampala International University
Stress, Academic performance, Students, Kampala International University (KIU), Uganda