Investigation on educational challenges of mentally challenged learners. a case study of Gachororo special unit in Ruiru division, Thika district, Kenya

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Kampala International University, College of Education Open and Distance Learning
The research was carried out to investigate the factors that hinder the educational provisions for mentally challenged learners in a case study of Gachororo Special Unit of Thika District, Kenya. The objectives of the study were to find out hindrances of mentally challenged learners to education, to investigate the attitudes of the society towards the education of mentally challenged learners and also to find out the most appropriate placement for mentally challenged learners. Methodology The researcher used quantitative and qualitative research approaches where he also went out physically to the school to observe and record behavior and descriptive statistics data to explore traits and situations. The researcher also used questionnaires to the following groups; • Regular learners • Church leaders/ Administration officers • Professionals • Parents The questionnaires required simple answers. Findings The researcher found out that there was little awareness about the education of learners with mental challenges. The parents were not assisted by the government on issues like paying school fees and regular teachers were not willing to integrate the mentally challenged learners in their classes. The boarding schools were very few in Thika District and also very expensive to the parents not forgetting the multiple medical problems the mentally challenged learners had which drained parents finances. The research also found out that people were not willing to employ the learners with mental challenges as they were regarded as under-achievers. vii Recommendation The researcher recommended that regular learners and teacher be encouraged to accept mentally challenged learners and the mass media to educate the public about the learners with mental challenges potentials. The Kenya government should intensify the training of teachers on how to train and handle the mentally challenged pupils and provide schools with adequate teaching aids or equipments. Education assessment and resources centers should conduct courses or seminar for regular teachers and parents together with other related stake holders.
A research project submitted to the College of Education Open and distance Learning, Kampala International University in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of the Degree of Bachelor of Education of the (ECPE)
educational challenges, mentally challenged, learners, Thika district, Kenya