The effectiveness of the occupational health and safety act in protecting employees in Uganda. A case study of Kampala district

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Kampala international international: School Of Law
The study is an exploratory design carried out in Uganda the geographical scope of Kampala with which sought to analyze the effectiveness of the law governing occupational health and safety in protecting employees. Establishing the circumstances that lead to the abuse of the rights of employees at the work place, to examine the legal challenges experienced in addressing occupational safety and health issues of employees and to suggest ways to counter the weakness and excesses in addressing occupational health and safety in the protection of employees. The study relied on quantitative methods of data collection and analysis to generate data. The findings reflect on how effective the occupational health and safety Act and other international and national instrument have protected employees in Uganda at work places. It still leaves a lot to be desired with employers exploiting the gap of absence of inspection to compromise the requirements of OSHA as they continue to expose workers to unsafe and unhealthy work conditions with failure to compensate them. The research concluded that, by introducing the OSHA as to supplement other laws, appear contrary particularly I addressing occupational health and safety issues, instead the other laws seems to be acting to supplement OSHA as per Section 118. The intention of which OSHA was formed to address and outline obligations of employers and employees while at the workplace in order to promote workplace security and health. The law has minimize Occupational risks but still with gaps which can be addressed to extend social security to all workers to have an empowered workforce free from duress. The study recommended that; Government-appoint more district labour officers, functioning of the industrial court, concluding of labour regulations, increase funding to the ministry, strengthening of OSH department, elimination of child labour, Employer: recognition of labour union, HIV/AIDS Workers:-applying international solidarity, media campaign to popularize and widen debate on the new labour laws, working closely with the federation of employer, strengthening organizational capacity, organizing in the formal sector and possibility of merging, organizing the informal sector, education of negotiators.
A dissertation submitted to the faculty of law in partial Fulfillment of the award of the bachelors’ degree of laws of Kampala international university.
Employment law, Occupational health, Safety act, Protecting employees, Uganda, Kampala district