Staff training and employee performance in Tanzania leaf tobacco company-Tabora region

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Kampala International University. College of Economics & Management
The quality of Human Resource is an asset to any organization and as a result Training has become an issue that has to be faced by every organization. The amount;, and quality of training carried out varies enormously from organization to organization due to factors such as the degree of external change, for instance, new markets or new processes, the adaptability of existing workforce and importantly the extent to which the organization supports the idea of internal career development. Most organizations meet their needs for training in an ad hoc and haphazard way whiles others set about identifying their training needs, then design training activities in a rational manner and finally assess the results of training. This study, therefore, sought to determine the relationship between Training and Development on Tanzania Leaf Tobacco Company. The research was intended to determine the role and impact of training on employees with emphasis on the Iower, middle level staff and the administrators of Tanzania Leaf Tobacco Company, who were randomly selected. The study assessed the training and development process of Tanzania Leaf Tobacco Company and whether training has improved employee performance. A questionnaire was designed using structured questions to collect primary data from employees of Tanzania Leaf Tobacco Company. Personal interviews were held with some management staff of the organization. The results indicated that Tanzania Leaf Tobacco Company’s employees were not well informed about training and development programmes in the organization. Most of the employees were of the view that training was effective tool for both personal and organizational success. The findings revealed that training practices, methods and activities at Tanzania Leaf Tobacco Company are not in fine with the best practices regarding the planned and systematic nature of the training process as is generally known. It was recommended among other things that the processes involved in training be duly followed, Tanzania Leaf Tobacco Company should help its staff identify their career paths and to guide them in the pursuit of higher education
A Thesis presented to the school of postgraduate Studies and Research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree Master of Arts in Human Resource Management
Staff training, Employee performance, Tabora region, Tanzania