The effects of communication on employee performance case study: Iyabe health center

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Kampala International University, School of Business and Management
The researcher chose this topic of study because many organizations especially government institutions do not take communication as a serious issue. They do not consider it much as they ignore and do not see it as one of the reasons that enhance poor performance in the organization. The topic of the study was to understand the concept of communication and its effects on employee performance in Iyabe health centre. The specific objectives of the. study were to examine the effects of feedback on employee performance, to access the effect of communication channels on employee performance and to evaluate the effect of methods of communication on employee performance. The data collected was both primary and secondary. The researcher used questionnaires and interviews as the research instruments. Both open ended and close ended questions were used to obtain data from the respondents. The sample size was of 20 respondents closes through the simple random sampling method .. The respondents comprised of administrators and employees from different departments of the organization. This data was there after analyzed using percentiles as a statistical method. The information showed that communication is very sensitive and crucial aspect in any organization. For an organization to perform effectively and efficiently. the management has to ensure that their employees communicate efficiently. For improvement, it is recommended that the management and supervisors of employees in Iyabe Health Centre should consider communication as a tool that leads to high performance and should respond through feedback so as to sustain communication in the orgaisation. The Human Resource should ensure that the employees are provided with training by giving them priorities to involve them in communication within and outside the organization. The recommendation made by the researcher will be of great help to the organization if effectively practiced.
A dissertation paper submitted to The School of Business and Management in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Award of Bachelor's In Human Resource Management of Kampala International University
communication, employee