The impacts of training on retention of employees in organizations in Uganda: a case study of Didi's World Kampala District

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Kampala International University; College of Humanities and Social Science
The study was on the impacts of training for retention of employees in organizations in Uganda. Didi's world was used as a case study. The general objective of the research was to identify the impacts of training for retention of employees in organization in Uganda. The research problem was down into specific objectives. These included; establishing the relationship between training and employee retention in Didi's world, to identify the training the initiatives that have been put in place in Didi's world, and to examine the impacts of training on employee's retention in Didi's world. The study employed across sectional quantitative research design. This enabled the researcher to collect primary data from employees with different interest. Employees come from human resource department, financial department, factory secretarial and operation department. Research revealed that Didi's world has put in place job sharing, flexible work time, and schools for children, and personal leave. Other are staff quarters and transport facilities. He also found that, both negative and positive impacts on employee's retention. Furthermore, it was found that training has and impact on the level of retention of employees. The research recommended the management of Didi's world and other similar organizations to put in place more training initiatives so as rip their benefits. Employees were recommended to use their time in a well-managed manner. For further researchers, they were recommended to research on the impacts of training on employee's retention in other organizations. For the case of Didi's world, research can be carried out on the training initiatives that can enhance retention.
A research project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management of Kampala International University
Training on retention, Employees in organizations, Didi's World Kampala District, Uganda