The effects of universal primary education on primary leaving examinations: a case study of Koro Sub County Gulu District

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
The study investigated the effects of Universal Primary Education (UPE) on Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) a case study of Koro Sub County — Gulu District. The main objectives ofthe study were to; compare and contrast the results of PLE before the introduction of UPE programme and after it was introduced, identify the major challenges affecting the implementation of UPE programmes and propose the strategies of improving the performance of pupils in PLE under the UPE programmes. The study used both qualitative and quantitative design using survey. The major tools for data collection were the questionnaires, interview guides, and to some extent documents analysis. The categories of the respondents that participated in the study were the head teachers, teachers and pupils in primary schools in Koro sub county, Omoro county~Gulu District. The study came up with the following major findings;Most schools in Koro Sub County have not been performing well since the UPE was initiatednationally and locally in the sub cOunty in 1997. This contrasted sharply with the fair level of performance in the years before UPE was introduced. However the study noted that UPE programme has highly succeeded in increasing high enrolment in Uganda, from 3.5million to about 10 million currently. Despite the high level of enrolment of pupils under UPE programme, the studies found that quality of Education in the county have been highly compromised by the programme. There is high rate of failure and dropouts as compared to the years before. The study identified the following major challenges affecting the smooth implementation of UPE;
A research report submitted to the CEODL Institute of Distance Learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award Of Bachelor of Education Degree Primary of Kampala International University
Universal Primary Education, Primary leaving Exams, Gulu District