Pupils’ academic performance in KCPE from selected private and public primary schools in INOI zone, central division Kirinyaga district

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Kampala International University, College of Education,Open and distance Learning
The purpose of this study was compare pupil’s academic performance in KCPE from selected private and public primary school in Inoi zone central division Kirinyaga district. Specifically, the study wanted to; (i) to establish school based factors that affect pupil academic performance in private and public primary schools, (ii) to establish out school factors that describe the level of pupil academic performance in private and public primary schools, (iii) to compare pupil’s academic performance in private and public primary schools. The study was descriptive in nature based on quantitative approach involving 72 respondents (teachers) from school in central division who were selected stratified random sampling. Primary data were collected using self-administered questionnaires and analyzed by summary statistics (e.g. Means and standard deviations) and Pearson Linear Co-efficient. The study found no significant difference in school and out of school factor that affect academic performance in both private and public primary schools in central division of Kirinyaga district. The study also found that pupils’ in private primary school performed better than those in public primary schools in English (t=2.90, sig. = 0.005), science (t=4.95, sig. = 0.000) and Social Studies (t=3.18, sig. =0.002), with all differences favoring private schools against public. It is also indicated that the biggest difference was in science and this is indicated by the biggest t-value (4.95) and a smallest sig. value (0.000). From these findings appropriate conclusions and recommendations were made. The recommendations form the study were; (i) there should be professional support provided, through clearly defined policy that delegates to schools the authority for deciding school schedules needed equipment, schemes of work and preferred teaching methods. The education officers should inspect all the schools irrespective of whether they are private or public, (ii) the expectations of teachers and pupils in public schools should be improved. This can be enhanced by the inspectors who can assist the teachers in tackling some of the problems being faced by the teachers. Because the low salaries of teachers are a predominant issue, this study recommends that the government should address it in order to improve the low morale of teachers, which in turn might improve the KCPE performance in this division, (iii) Government and concerned authorities should provide adequate resources to public schools inform of granting financial, physical and human resources to promote performance of pupils. The low level of performance in public primary schools arises due to lack of pertinent resources. Therefore provision of such can help in improving pupils’ performance
A thesis presented to the School of Postgraduate Studies and Research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Education Administration and Management
Academic performance, Primary schools, Kenya