Learning conditions of pupils with mental disabilities in regular primary schools in Amukura zone, Amukura division Teso district Kenya

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Kampala International University, College of Education Open and Distance Learning
The study sought to investigate the challenges facing inclusion of learners with mental impairments in regular public primary schools m Amukura zone, Teso District Kenya. The major variables identified were effects of curriculum content, the learning resources, teacher's attitude and effects of peer attitude on the inclusion of learners with mental impairments in public primary schools The researcher used quantitative approach to collect and analyze the data. She used the survey research design in conducting the study. This was convenient in collecting data from may respondents in a wide area. Her target population was 180 teachers from 22 primary schools. The sample size was 18 teachers from 6 schools using probability sampling. Her research tool was a questionnaire which has 9 main questions. They were closed ended where one has to tick the correct option. Others were open ended whereby the respondents explained their ideas. Some questions were matrix type (containing all the two parts) The study that there is need to create awareness m the school community about inclusion of learners with special needs in regular public schools in order to change their attitude. There is need for the curriculum developers to be considered and give a differentiated curriculum that can be used for learners with mental impairments. Regular teachers should be given seminars or workshops to help them handle learners with special needs in education appropriately. The teacher training colleges curriculum should be adjusted in such a way that teachers coming from colleges have skills on how to handle learners with special needs if inclusion is to be successful.
A project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Degree of Bachelor of Education (Special Needs) of the Kampala International University
Learning conditions, Pupils, Mental disabilities, Kenya