Human resource practices and employee turnover at Sonas in Beni city, Democratic Republic of Congo

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This study aimed at establishing the relationship between human resource practices and employee turnover in Societe Nationale d’Assurance (SONAS) national insurance group located in Beni, North Kivu Region, Eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The specific objectives were to establish the relationship between; I) type of employment contract and employee turnover; II) remuneration and employee turnover; and III) job security on employee turnover. A descriptive correlational and cross sectional survey design was employed to collect data from 114 insurance staff, selected purposively and randomly. A researcher made questionnaire was used to collect data, which was analysed using means, Pearson’s Linear Correlation coefficient and Multiple Linear Regression. The findings showed that human resource practices were generally satisfactory to the employees (overall mean= 2.89) and the level of employee turnover was generally high (overall rnean=2.68). The level of employee turnover was positively and significantly correlated with employment contracts (r = 0.345, sig. = 0.000), remuneration (r =.689; SigO.000) and job security (r 0.667 and sig = 0.000) respectively. Of all the three elements, remuneration (13=0.424, Sig=0. 000) had the strongest influence on employee turnover. The researcher concluded that good or satisfactory working terms and conditions can greatly enhance employee retention and reduce employee turnover. The researcher recommends that the management at SONAS should improve on the following terms and conditions if they want to maintain a reduced level of staff turnover and a high level of employee retention; improve the terms of service, give workers opportunities for promotion, increase on the monthly salary of workers and assure workers of job security.
A dissertation submitted to the college of Higher Degrees and Research in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of degree of master of public administration of Kampala International University, Uganda.
Human resource practices, Employee turnover, Democratic Republic of Congo