Pricing strategies and business growth of selected soft drink companies in selected Districts in central Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
This study established the relationship between pricing strategies and business growth in selected soft drink companies in selected districts of central Uganda. The study was guided by five objectives, (i) profile of respondents (ii) degree of pricing strategies (iii)) level of business growth and (iv) whether there was significant difference in the level of pricing strategies and business growth and (v)significant relationship between pricing and business growth. A survey design was used specifically descriptive correlation and descriptive comparative. The study had a target population of 435 respondents from which a sample size of 208 respondents from which Data were collected using self administered questionnaires as the key data collection instruments. The findings revealed that there were high degree of pricing strategies, high level of business growth, no significant difference between pricing strategies and business growth and no significant relationship between pricing strategies and business growth was established, accepting the Null hypothesis. Conclusions were made regarding various research objectives (i) on profile of respondents, majority were of age group 2039 (61%), Gender (67%) male and (33%) female, (84%) of respondents were married, (80%) of respondents had university degrees, and 6l% of respondents had working experience of above 8 years. (ii) Very satisfactory pricing strategies were used according to respondents (mean= 3.70) (iii) High level of Business growth was established (mean 3.67),(iv) no significance difference(F= 0.637, sig. = 0.811), (v) no significant relationship between pricing and growth was established (r= 0.280, sig. = 0.033)and regression indicated by a high Adjusted R2 of 0.048 was established, recommendations based on the findings were that, soft drink companies should; (I) develop marketing plans, (ii) improve branding, (iii)develop proper packaging (ix) improve marketing communications (v) segment and target markets (vi) improve on their distribution strategy, (vii) improve product strategy management, (viii) inattentiveness and creativity be improved (ix) carry out marketing research (x) improve on competitive intelligence (xi) develop quality products and services (xii) and establish good relationships with customers. Areas of further research were suggested as impact of new marketing communications technologies (1cTS) on communication effectiveness, further research on branding and business growth was also suggested.
A thesis presented to the College of Higher Degrees and Research Kampala International University, Kampala — Ugandain partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Degree of Master of Business Administration (Marketing Option)
Pricing strategies, Growth, Business, Centra Uganda