Critical analysis on the legal regime providing for the rights on an accused person under criminal justice system in Uganda

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Kampala International University, School of Law
The above research was carried out in the Republic of Uganda with an intention of examining the legal regime providing for the rights of accused persons under criminal justice system in Uganda in the republic aforesaid. The research addresses the inherent and inalienable nature of human rights generally. It critically analyses rights of suspects and accused persons putting into consideration the legal initiatives that have been taken by various stakeholders in the justice system. In this light the research looks at the different legislations that provide for these rights. During the research process, different methods of data collection were applied which included; questionnaires whereby information was gotten through structured questions containing both open and closed ended questions, interviews with police officers and suspects, observations which included fact finding missions whereby the researcher would observe the factors in the actual sense by interacting with the respondents, library research which involved comparisons of literature that was previously researched on a relevant field both in local and international level. Basing on the research findings, the research revealed that the rate of awareness on the rights of suspects and accused persons in Uganda is alarming. A large number of people even among them the educated don't understand and appreciate these rights. This trend of awareness among people undermines the fight against violations of rights of accused persons. It would be very difficult for citizens of Uganda to voice against violations they don't understand well. The research addressed the major causes of violations of suspect's suspects. The largest proportion of blame is put on corruption, political interference and military interference. This can be accounted from the nature and circumstances surrounding our institutions ranging from the investigative organs to those charged with the duty of administration of justice. The research recommends possible tenable solutions to the challenges facing the expected protection, fulfillment and promotion of rights of accused persons. Civic education, zero-tolerance to corruption, impunity and bad governance and participation of every stakeholder in the justice system some of the solutions recommended.
A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of Law Partial Fulfillment of the Award of the Degree in Bachelor of Laws of Kampala International University
Critical analysis, Legal regime, Rights, Criminal justice system, Uganda