Conflict Management and Staff Productivity in Golis Telecommunication Co. Puntland Somalia

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree in Human resource management
This research study addresses the problem of determining the impact of conflict on staff productivity in G.T.C of Somalia .The failure in many organizations to have a fair and consistently high quality relationship between the supervisors and supervises at the workplace is costly. In G.T.C Of Bosaso, Somalia has continuously experienced several conflict between management and staff such conflict have often lead to stoppage, distraction of company fields and drop down in monthly performance. The next step was to identify the research objectives , the objectives include: to determine the respondent's profile in terms of gender, age, level of education, type of employment and length of service in the G.T.C Puntland Somalia, to determine types of conflict on staff productivity in G.T.C of puntland state of Somalia, to identify the level of existing conflict procedures styles in the G.T.C of Puntland of Somalia, and to establish the relationship between conflict procedures styles and staff productivity in the G.T.C of puntlnad Somalia. the research design was used a cross sectional survey design. Both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection were used during the process of data collection. the research used self-administrated questionnaires to gather the necessary data, and after collection, the data was analyzed SPSS. fhe findings from the study show that Whenever people work together conflict is inevitable and occurs even in excellent working relationships. But how conflict is addressed can either add to or take away from an organization's productivity, staff wellieing and total costs. It is recommended that the organization pays special attention to improving organizational practices by modifying communications, reducing imbiguities, rotating personnel, training and through group interaction. This study can provide a basis for further research. The model for managing conflict that was developed in this study as well as the empirical component can make a contribution to further studies into problems and issues highlighted in this research. This further studies include: Educational institutions that provide training in the field of Human resources Management and specifically conflict management. Other organizations seeking information on conflict management strategies
A Dissertation Presented To The School Of Business And Management In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of Bachelor Of Human Resource Management At Kampala International University
Conflict Management, Staff Productivity, Puntland Somalia